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Design Intent

Project Architecture

MAYA INDRADHANUSH heralds in picturesque south Bangalore, and somewhere less expected: a whole other set of surroundings.

The project is designed to set a wave of new architecture, homes, green and public spaces. MAYA INDRADHANUSH is the gateway to this burgeoning community. An Arrival Plaza draws you in from City Road, the tower talks a different architectural language to the typical apartment tower. Slender by design, rising like a prism from the ground, its character is smooth and crystalline. Form is everything. Unruffled by edges, seams or superfluous decoration, and dresses every apartment in appropriate Materials. A landmark for a treasured Bangalore neighborhood.

The vision for the development of the MAYA INDRADHANUSH is to create a reinterpretation of the familiar BANGALORE inner-city areas, and at the same time add a vibrant, inner green world on a human scale: a green oasis, which, besides its obvious aesthetic qualities, will also integrate ambitious latest construction technology initiatives like Monolithic concrete Structure using Aluminium Formwork.

MAYA INDRADHANUSH has been designed in response to site and transforming the futuristic surroundings.

CAR PARKING BASEMENT has been designed to maximize the natural light and ventilation.

ARRIVAL PLAZA is complemented with Grand Double height Entrance Lobby.

Practically Vehicle free, privacy ensured Podium has extensive landscape and leisure facilities such as

  • Swimming pool with toddlers pool

  • Children play area

  • Senior citizen area

  • Landscaped garden

  • Lawn

  • Trees with traditional Kattes

  • Jogging track

  • Badminton court

  • Amphitheater etc


Detailed to address Minutest details of INGRESS/EGRESS comforts, Scientifically designed Elevator Stack, Safety norms abided Stairways, Naturally Ventilated and Illuminated, Accessible for all ages and abilities, Seismic Resistant, Solid Rocky base, Minimal Footprint, Maximum Green surfaces, Catering to different Size of units, Minimum Travel distances, column free Independent envelopes, Spacious living space etc...

Manageable density, proportionate planned Services and Utilities.

Ar. K.V.Harsha Babu
Principal Architect
Harsha Design Associates

Interior Design

The public areas:

The direction for the interior design at Maya Indradhanush is to create a casual yet sophisticated ambience in the public spaces of the apartment building. Retaining the original finish on the sheer walls, a combination of natural and local materials like print veneer, cement tiles, Kota stone and wooden slats has been used to create a timeless space. Each block has activities that have been zoned according to the functional requirement creating segregated leisure spaces while optimizing views to the landscaped area of the property. A range of premium amenities like a spa, a golf simulator and a billiards room have been integrated into the design of the clubhouse. Access to all facilities is through the central core to create a secure environment within the clubhouse.

Amenities in the Club House:

  • Party hall

  • Waiting lounge / library

  • Gym

  • Spa

  • Golf Simulator

  • AV Room

  • Hobbies Room

  • Billiards Room

  • TT Room

  • Games Room


The Apartments:

The apartments at Maya Indradhanush have been designed for the Modern Indian Family. An open planned layout between the living, dining and kitchen creates large uninterrupted floor spaces. The public areas have warm toned finishes in a neutral palette to allow each user to seamlessly style the apartment according to their need and personality. The furniture in the space has been arranged to allow maximum space for circulation while optimizing the best views out of the multi-storied apartment complex.

In contrast to the open-planned living areas, each bedroom is tucked away from direct view to create private, cozy spaces with large full length windows looking out into the surroundings. The use of wooden floors in the bedrooms adds to the warmth of the space.

In keeping with the constantly evolving digital generation, each apartment has been equipped with the option of fully automating the control systems within the home, creating a space truly suited for the 21st century family.

Ar. Ajith Jain
CMSM Praxis

Landscape Architecture

The intention underpinning the planning and design of the project is a strong focus on achieving a striking aesthetic response to the design while minimizing the ecological footprint of development. The focus is on articulating a socially relevant approach to the design while providing economically viable solutions with due deliberations to sustainability, biodiversity and resource management issues.

The overall development vision and strategy for the landscape design and planning for MAYA INDRADHANUSH is based on the following:

  • Creating a sustainable habitat that is holistic in performance by responding to and balancing issues of environment, social lifestyles and economics

  • Adopting measures and design responses that would be passive in nature and encourage optimization of natural resources, energy consumption and utilization

  • Developing user friendly and specific spaces to cater to all age groups

  • Planning and design of spaces that is accessible to the differently abled

  • Creating aesthetics and use of design elements in the landscape that balance both contextual conditions as well as meet contemporary world class demands

  • Use of native vegetation and enhancing the biodiversity of the campus

  • Creating a healthy and pollution free environment for the end user

  • Designing of spaces that cater to various needs of recreation as well as the user types

Ar. Mohan
Principle Architect
Integrated Design (Inde)